Day 3 - Watson 16 Lake District Trip 2003

18 June 2003 Wednesday

It was raining heavily till we couldnít enjoy the scenic views of the lakes. Everywhere was surrounded by mist.

Someone suggested that we should go somewhere else. Our car (SW, KF, Mindy, Alex and I) was pretty pissed with the indecisive nature of the other car. Thank god we were requested to lead the way. Alex then brought them to the pencil museum as a punishment. LOL

Obviously, none of us wanted to visit the pencil museum. We ended up in Keswich (pronounced K-zic) walked around and had lunch at a pub called Bridgedale with lousy English food (or maybe I was still full from snacking) Before that, I had pork pie, one of English traditional meals. Iíve read about it many times from English comics such as Beano and Dandy. However, it tasted bad. The pork tasted like SPAM. It was so bad that I threw it halfway.


The rain stopped after lunch thus we went for a ferry ride around Keswich lake. We immediately sat on the open air seats once we got onto the ferry. However, it was a bad choice. As we travelled further, we got water splashing all over us. In the end we ended up hiding in the cabin.

Water splashing

Mindyís wish to row boat came true. We finally got to row a boat after strong wind subsidized.

The boat could fit up to 5 people but it was a bit leaky. The boat also has 4 oars hence 2 people can row the boat. The water was pretty shallow. We could see the moss on the bottom of the lake and at one point Alexís boat was stuck on rocks.

Boat A
Boat B

Initially CM and I had problem synchronising our movement. Our oars kept on hitting on each other. It was not until Wen Dee guided us by shouting 1 2 3!  The girls on the other hand took turns to row the boat.

The gang
KF and I
Ducks hanging out
Mrs. and Mr. Duck

Dinner at Manchester Chinatown
For dinner, we split up with Mindy, Alex, Kf and Su Ween. We had dinner at Top Wok Chinese restaurant. Fred and I have been there when we went to Leeds for a day trip.

Dinner was fabulous. The service was so, so good. There were smiles on every order and we even had free soup.

We waited for few hours for Kf and gang to finish their dinner. We read loads of magazine and drank loads of Chinese tea to kill time. Eventually, we met up and got home in no time. I guess overall the trip was fabulous. I didnít expect it to be that fun.

Manchester Chinatown Arch  

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