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4.11.2009 - Earliest known Melbourne Shuffle footage. Melb 1991
25.12.2008 Shuffle your way to Melbourne Contest Winner
25.12.2008 KFC Melbourne Shuffle Advertisement
25.12.2008 Lithuanian LT Shuffle Team " XES "
25.12.2008 Funkafaction @ One Utama
25.12.2008 Ghost Shuffle
10.3.2008 Awesome sidekicks Melbourne Shuffle
10.3.2008 moonboy - hardstyle
7.2.2008 One Buck Short - Fast Times (Ganjaguru Hard Mix)
7.2.2008 Hardstyle Shuffle V.S. HardJump

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Melbourne Shuffle Basics #1

I recorded it myself and the person shuffling is also myself. It was initially made for my friends who wanted to learn shuffling but due to hot demand, I decided to publish it.

Melbourne Shuffle Basics #2 
Released on September 2004. It contains the basic steps for shuffling and this time it includes 2 views, side and front!

Music: Dark By Design - It's a Dream (Mixed By Ganjaguru)

Melbourne Shuffle Exhibition
This is the first  Melbourne Shuffle video I found on the internet. It was produced by the guys from http://www.inthemix.com.au. Awesome video!




21.2.2007 DJ Anatta - Just a Phase
13.1.2007 dj dontana - Digit3ch 18.12.2006
13.1.2007 Hardstyle Renaissance 004 - Mixed by Damien K
13.1.2007 Cbell J - Drug Music (Global Schranzformation)
13.1.2007 DJ U-Nik - Dance Summer Mix 06/07
9.12.2006 DJ U-NIK - Hardstyle-Hardtrance mix
25.10.2006 DJ Cbell J - hard limiting
21.10.2005 DJ Dontana - Laundry Mix 



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