Happy 10th Anniversary to www.xes.cx!

This blog has finally hit a milestone. 10 years old!

10 years ago, never once I thought this blog could last for so long. I must thank my guestbloggers who had kept the blog on going. Of course, long time and current readers must be thanked.

I guess this blog started picking up when my former university house mates started contributing.

Our house in Sheffield. Got ghost one.

Former housesmates.

Friends and strangers started commenting on our blog entries. Soon, I had random strangers coming up to me saying that they read my blog.

Building websites have always been my interest. It all started back in 1997 using a Geocities hosted website, a few GIFs (consisting of characters from the King of Fighters and a bouncing ball) and a guestbook. Dad posted a comment on my guestbook stating somewhere along the lines of, “I like the bouncing ball”.

My earliest blog entry dates back to January 2001. It was during the times of www.xes.net.my, which I had before I registered the xes.cx. Back then, I didn’t know these postings are called as blogposts.

Before all these blog postings, my website served as an online photo album for my friends to see. This blog has gone so public that I am reluctant to post friends’ pictures here.

There were 2 goals that I wanted to achieve during the early days of xes.cx, 1st was to hit 500 unique visitors a day and 2nd was to make money out of it. Both have been achieved long time ago.

The launch of Nuffnang marked the monotization of this blog. I used the money from Nuffnang as down payment for my Mum and my car.

2nd payment from Nuffnang

Of course, this blog has brought me many good things – from meeting many new friends to various media appearance (for a list see About xes.cx page).

Asian Blogger & Social Media Conference @ Times Square Hotel

Thank you all again for the support. Hope this blog will last a lifetime and read by generations thereafter (if I get it in print!).

If there is any of blog entries here that you enjoyed, please feel free to comment.

Malaysia’s Top Ten Hottest Bloggers

Few days ago, a client called me and said, “I didn’t know you’re a blogger! Saw you in a magazine!”.


I wouldn’t be so embarrassed if it was not a feature in Faces magazine as Malaysia’s Top 10 Hottest Bloggers.

My picture was shot at the bridge of G Tower. It was a small bar with great view of the city.

Before my shoot, I was interviewed and thereafter had make up put on me. My make up artist made me cry. I couldn’t stand having powder in my eyes!

Then I had hairspray all over my hair. I felt like Rosmah.

Rosmah’s Epic Hairstyle. Heh. Bad photoshop.

After hundred over shots of the same pose, we were done. I was the last person to be shot.

Tada! The end results.

There’s a picture of me in Alliance Bank You:nique credit card too!

The other 9 fellow bloggers are as follows:

No 1 Hottest Blogger in Malaysia, Niki Cheong & Ming

Joyce The Fairy & Cindy Tey

Proudduck & Zainal

Tziaa & me

Hanis & Kimberlycun

There are also small blurbs on what are their unusual reader reaction and most interesting post. Mine was this:

I couldn’t think what is my most interesting post hence I merely gave an example of an interesting post I posted (at the time of the interview). Didn’t know it will become THE most interesting post.

As for most unusual reader comment, some of my old readers would remember the commenter iloveu. You can read the post here. Man, I miss those good old days where my readers were interactive.

This is Hanis’ blurb on Most unusual reader reaction. Happened to me once.

Kimberlycun’s one is EPIC!! HAHAH

Lastly… a page on “What are the perks of being a blogger”.

Thanks to Nuffnang for nominating me!

Astro B.yond TVC Commercial

Remember the Astro B.yond TVC that I was talking about? Well, it’s out!

It was first shown in the Astro B.yond Bloggers’ Night. I forgot to bring my camera on that night hence no post about it. -_-

Anyway, here’s the video!

The bloggers that are featured in the TVC are as follows: