Office @ 11PM

Last Saturday, I had to go back to office to get some work done. It was about 11PM and the entire office was empty. Initially I felt okay cause during the day whenever I arrive early, the office is empty too.
Things were fine until I heard noises on the upper floor. I called my colleague to see whether or not she’s in the office. Her room is just directly above my room.

Nobody answered the phone.

I text her and she replied that she’s not in the office. Then she told me that the office is scary at night.

I thought to myself, “Ok Fine, I’m a big boy now. I don’t need anyone to accompany me”.

I had to run to the library to get a dictionary. BOY IT WAS DAMN SCARY.

Imagine walking into a huge and dark empty room without knowing where the light switches are.
Then while doing work, I heard the main door being opened. Foot steps were heard and it was coming towards my room. I waited for the ‘person’ to appear but nobody came.

Who could it be?

1) A hard working colleague? But it’s Saturday night, I doubt anyone is that hardcore.
2) A thief? or
3) Nobody, just the wind.

Suddenly, a black figure popped in front of my room. The hairs on my face begin to stand. I felt like a grizzly bear.

The figure was dark and of medium height.

Then I realised it was the maintenance guy. doh!

Pontianak story II

Hatim: “Hey I read about your highway ghost story on your blog. My friend had the same experience as well!”.
Me: Oh what happened?
“He was driving along the highway, then he smelled something flowery. He looked at his back seat from his mirror and saw nobody…then he looked at the bottom of his backseat…and he SAW…
Then he turned back, looked down and saw a child between his legs…”
Me: SHIT!!!!

Visitor from the highway..

Jane and I went to Pangkor Island for a night’s trip.

It was great. Even though the beach wasn’t top quality, we got to snorkle at a nearby island. We could see fishes swimming around. And it only cost RM40!

Driving back home was tedious though. I had to brave through a long stretch of trunk roads with single lane. It was pitch dark and most of the time, I depend on my luck when overtaking cars!!

While driving on the North-South highway, our car was overpowered with the smell of bunga kemboja (frangipani flower). First I thought it was due to Jane perfume. But I soon realised that Jane doesn’t have perfume that smells of frangipani.

Then the next thing that struck my mind was… pontianak (Malay female vampire). Malay folklore had it that if you smell kemboja flowers at night, that means a female vampire is nearby. My hair began to stand. I had to do something about it. I decided to ask her to leave….

“Kak, tolong jangan kacau kak” (Miss, Please dont disturb us)
“Kami students kak” (We’re students miss)
Jane: ????? Are you talking to me?

The smell went off suddenly. I was so relieved. The hair on my neck and face were standing!! I felt like a bear, you know, bears have hairy face… However, the smell came back again….

“Kak, tolong jangan kacau kak” (Miss, please dont disturb us)
“Kami nak balik Kuala Lumpur…” (We want to go back to Kuala Lumpur)

Few moments after I finish that sentence, the smell went off again.

It never came back again.

Maybe the smell came from a long stretch of kemboja trees on the highway. Superstition? I rather not take the chance. I dont want to wake up in the middle of the night to find a lady smelling of kemboja standing in my room!!!!!!! @_@