name: ng siew lee
age: 21
studies: LLB at The University Of Sheffield.
nationality: Malaysian Chinese.
at the moment: London, United Kingdom

A little intro about myself. As you can see, Wendee and Leong are my housemates. The Watson-ers! Lovely people! Leong has given you guys most of my personal details. Hmm..something that my close friends will know about my little eccentricity is that I love repeating my favourite music-of-the-day up to 100 times maybe? *geez* And currently, what’s playing on my speakers is Dosed by RedHotChilliPeppers. Yes, I have killed so many songs for Mindy, my next-door roommate. My favourite TV-show is Friends. I hope they are coming out with the new season. I am obviously a night owl rather than an early riser. Favourite movie would be The virgin suicides which I have watched countless times and read the book thrice. Current novel that I’m reading, Prozac Nation. Oh yeah, my latest craze, JOGGING! :p At least, it releases stress, anger and whatever which is bad J Someone asked me, threesomes-2 guys and a girl, or 2 girls and a guy? I wouldn’t mind trying both configurations, if I were so inclined (ReaLlLLY???) for u to find out. :D Enough said. Laterzz!!